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Hi All,
Just wanting to confirm that 12th Annual Gate trial is go for November 4th, 2018.  For those who have not attended in the past (or anyone who just forgot) The event is at Keith Alexander's house in Oxford, MI . We will get a flyer up soon.  Start time is 11:00 am since it will be getting dark early. This is an unofficial,  non points paying event. It is run on a completely different format than traditional trials events. Instead of trying to get the lowest score to win, we try to get as many points as possible!  It is an excellent event for any level of rider. We also have a great garage party before, during and after the event, so bring something to share or just your own stuff to throw on the grill. There is a fridge available as well as a port potty on site. The garage can be heated if necessary, we are go in the rain, snow or sun. Sections are close, so it's a great event for spectators. If anyone has any items they want to donate as to be used as trophies for winners, please bring them along. In years past we have had up to 40 riders, so lets make this year another resounding success.  We will be working to set up for the event on Sunday 10/21 (possibly Sat 10/20 if it looks like rain out on Sunday 10/21) and then again on Sunday 10/27. Setting up is as much fun as riding the event, with lots of emphasis on the riding part. We really try to ride each section in to make sure everything works well. So come on out to help set up !
Feel free to call Keith with questions 248 860 8832   I will also have another post with rules coming up soon. 


  • Update for Gate Trials on 11/4 2018 . We are trying to get most of the work and set up done on Saturday/Sunday 10/20&21/2018.  Then again on Saturday 11/3 the day before the event.  I may not available on the weekend of 10/27. So trying to get a good turnout for 10/20-21.   The plan is to have 10 sections. Start time is 11:00 am on sunday 11/4. 
  • Here is summary of how a gate trials works .....    also a copy of the word file attached . 
    Flyer to follow....

    GATE TRIALS ( amended )

    Rules for 'Gate' Trials (modified and simplified)

    Content gleaned from other clubs and changed as we decided over that last 10 years.

    This scoring replaces the conventional 1, 2, 3, 5 with a series of gates within the section. The intent is to accrue as many points possible by riding successfully thru numerous “gates” in each section. These gates are of different values. The number of gates in the section is arbitrary. The maximum total value of a section can be as many 50-75 points. The section is still bounded by the normal yellow or white boundaries and conventional start/ finish gates are used. In a trial scored under the “Scot Hop Gate System” riders are free to choose their own path through each section. There will be several obstacles (gates) to choose from in each section. The rider gains three bonus points when they enter a section, but must ride from in-gate to out-gate entire section without dabbing to keep those three points.  One point is lost for each dab (up to three). The rider can choose to take the easiest path thru the section that may not include any of the optional gates that will add points to the riders score.  High score wins. It is possible to obtain a “failure” in any section and that failure is defined by the same rules as a traditional “five” in normal style trials riding.

    Riding Rules:
    1. The rider may choose to ride any or all of the gates. Many combinations are possible. There will be a “ride thru” line in each section that is easiest and safe for any level of rider.
    2. The rider must enter each gate from the start side. This is the side with the gate marking visible, and must obviously go between a matched pair of markers. Each gate is clearly marked with a point score.                                 3. For a rider to successfully complete a gate, the back axle must clear the markers for that gate. Once a rider has completed any gate, he/she will keep their points for all gates completed up until that point, even if they were to crash or otherwise obtain a failure, (what would be considered a “five” under the normal rules of trials). If a failure occurs, the “ride in” bonus of three is forefitted.  If a failure occurs while the rider is located in such a way that the rear axle of the bike has not yet passed the gate, there will be no points added for that gate. Riders may go through a gate only once, and may not cross their path or go out of bounds to enter a gate. All modern trials skills may be used; stopping in balance, hopping, backing up, etc.

    Scoring Rules:
    There are five classes; Beginner, Novice, Intermediate, Advanced and Expert. Riders are to take a separate score card for each lap, in most cases three loops is what will be ridden for the event, so each rider should take three score cards at sign up. Markers or punches will be provided at each section. Once the rider enters the section he can attempt any or all gates but only the gates that are successfully completed are counted. Errors are counted in the traditional method of 1,2 and 3. These errors are scored as a negative against the ride in bonus of 3 points. There is no 5. “Failure” replaces 5 and once that occurs the rider keeps only the score total for any gates successfully completed within that section.  The rider with the HIGHEST SCORE will be the winner for the class. This is self-scoring event, no observers. It is suggested that you ride with partner to help with scoring. Punches and/or markers will be provided at each section. It is also suggested that a rider tally up the points for their intended line BEFORE they ride the section.  Then once completed, they can subtract points from their intended score more easily than trying to go back and recount after the fact.

    Gate Trials rules 10-10-2018.docx
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    What is your address in Oxford?   

    PDF version of the Scot Hop  Rules
    Gate Trials Rules 10-10-2018.pdf
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